Our clients are as diverse as our services; a licensed appraiser works to ensure accurate market values for all types of property including vacant land, condominiums, cottages, waterfront, luxury, commercial and investment properties.
As a smaller real estate brokerage you won't get the big business run around with us. We offer personal services tailored to our clients needs.
Traverse Real Estate, LLC, was built from the ground up to be different. The founder, Thomas Cronin, with his entrepreneurial spirit and drive to stay in front of the ever changing market shifts and technological advancements helped to separate them from the competition then and still do now!
One constant that never changes, is a client's desire to be treated with honesty and integrity, and to have their needs be your first priority.
If you are not currently receiving this, please consider us for your next real estate needs.
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Looking for extra ways to make the most out of your investments this year? Consider selling your home or additional property. Homes in Grand Traverse County are selling FAST, and often above listing price, too! You may never make more selling your home than now.

Contact us today to be matched with one of our skilled realtors who can help you sell your home in minimum time and at maximum value! Text or Call 231-590-5091 or Email TraverseRealEstate@Gmail.com

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