Thomas Cronin, Traverse Real Estate LLC

Tom Cronin

Co-Owner, Broker & Realtor

Tom became a real estate appraiser in 2005 with the dream of having a profession where he could work from home and have the flexibility to raise a family.

He has always enjoyed construction and was very familiar with how houses were put together - which is useful when attempting to value one. Around 2012, Tom decided to expand his services and added real estate brokerage.

Having knowledge of both professions helps Tom understand real estate transactions in a way that few other competitors can do.

What Tom loves about his job is the flexibility to be involved with his family, he also enjoys helping others through the buying and selling process to achieve home ownership.

Outside of real estate, Tom loves his garage time. He enjoys collecting and restoring old cars and wooden boats - the best reward is attending boat and auto shows and winning a category.